Port and Cargo Agency

Thome Ship Agency includes facilities for both cargo and husbandry. Loading, discharging or transloading your cargo; wet bulk, dry bulk or break bulk. We are in close contact with the relevant authorities and have the expertise to facilitate your cargo operations. Our aim is to strive for a quality service for your vessel and cargo.

  • Cargo Operations

    Thome Ship Agency represents the cargo owners’ interests in the port either as the nominated agent or as the shippers/receivers’ agents for both wet and dry operations. We are involved in issuing bills of lading.

  • Bunker Delivery Coordination

    Providing reliable information in a timely manner to ensure a smooth bunker delivery without delays. Thome Ship Agency can help appoint a Bunker Quantity Surveyor on your behalf and ensure your interest is protected. As required, we will issue a “Letter of Protest” on your behalf.

  • Logistics Coordination

    Thome Ship Agency can arrange air freight, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance for ship’s spares.

  • Stevedoring Coordination

    For your break bulk or dry cargo, Thome Ship Agency appoints and coordinates directly with terminal approved stevedores to get your cargo prioritized.

  • Terminal / Berth Coordination

    Thome Ship Agency can correspond directly with the terminal and make prior arrangements to get your vessel to a safe berth.

  • Stowage Planning Coordination

    Thome Ship Agency has the expertise to correspond with the chief officer and checker to ensure your cargo is placed in the most ideal location onboard.

  • Pendulum Lifting Coordination

    For your supersized cargo, you can be rest assured Thome Ship Agency can handle this smoothly.

  • Surveyor / Checker Coordination

    Thome Ship Agency works closely with qualified and experienced surveyors and checkers to ensure compliance and the assurance for your cargo and vessel.

  • Protective Agent

    There are times when you need to rely on a preferred ship agent to act as your eyes and ears to supervise the charterer agent and monitor the port operations to protect your interests. Thome Ship Agency offers a protecting agency service to ensure you are protected.

  • Ship to Ship Transfer Coordination

    For all cargo operations off Singapore, (namely Tanjung Pelepas, Karimun, Nipah Anchorages), we can coordinate with STS service providers and arrange permit applications upon request.